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Williamson & Young, PC: Events of Interest

Jan 23, 2013 Williamson, Panel Guest - Class at UA College of Law Tucson Arizona
Dec 7, 2012 Williamson guest lecturer on Arts Law at PCC Tucson
Nov 8, 2012 Williamson IP seminar at Women's Commission Tucson Arizona

Great turn-out. A lively seminar on copyright and trademark law and practices to protect one's IP and avoid lawsuits and infringements.

Oct 31, 2011 Kathleen Williamson Speaker/ Democrats of Greater Tucson Tucson AZ
Sep 30, 2010 Pima County Tucson Women's Commission Tucson AZ USA
May 7, 2010 workshop for Pima Community College
May 6, 2010 Access TV - World Harmony with Stuart Thomas TV- Tucson and online
May 1, 2010 Tucson Folk Festival - Music Law Workshop Tucson AZ
Oct 22, 2009 Access TV - World Harmony with Stuart Thomas Tucson AZ USA
May 3, 2009 Tucson Folk Festival: Law for Musicians Workshop presented by Ka Tucson AZ USA
Nov 8, 2008 Southern Arizona Clay Artists IP Legal Seminar presented by Kath Tucson AZ USA
May 22, 2008 CJA/FPD CLE - Doing Time, Doing Vipassana - Meditation in Prison Tucson AZ USA
May 4, 2008 Tucson Folk Festival Tucson AZ USA
Mar 30, 2008 Benefit - Tucson Girls Chorus Tucson AZ USA
Dec 8, 2007 Kathleen - Arts Law Lecture at Pima Community College Tucson AZ
Oct 19, 2007 Kathleen speaker/ CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival NYC NY
Feb 24, 2007 Kathleen mentoring - Folk Alliance: Mentoring Songwriters/ Legal Memphis TN
Feb 24, 2007 Kathleen, Publication - Musician's Business and Legal Guide
Feb 22, 2007 Kathleen, Law Panel - Folk Alliance - Music Publishing 101 Memphis TN
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