Book Review by Kathleen G. Williamson  in "Transforming Anthropology," the Journal for the Association for Black Anthropologists -  

Volume26, Issue2, October 2018, Pages 204-206 

Anthropology and Law: A Critical Introduction.  Goodale, Mark. Foreword by Sally Engle Merry.  New York, NY: New York University Press,  2017. xv + 290 pp. (Cloth US$99.00; Paper US$35.00) 

Good Work by Jon Young: Smith v Schiro case. Ninth Circuit Rules that Smith qualifies under Atkins and 8th Amendment, therefore, he will not be executed 

Congratulations Jon Young on a big win in the Smith case, with Ninth Circuit finding that Smith was intellectually disabled during his trial and, therefore, under Atkins, is not subject to the death penalty. This was a long, arduous, task for Jon and well done. Click on the link in the blog below to read the opinion. Smith v Schiro, 96-99025, filed Feb. 4, 2016 - Ninth Circuit (Feb 4, 2016) go to blog and click link to download the opinion:

W&Y Supports OWS 

and guess who was on CBS Sunday Morning when filmed at OWS on Day 18? singing Woody Guthrie tunes:

a few quotes 

Here's a few quotes related to the topic of creating cohabitation clauses that I thought worthy of posting: "When you're finished changing, you're finished." - Benjamin Franklin "Beware of the person who can't be bothered by details." William Feather Thanks to Lee Rosenberg, NYSBA article June 2009

Musician's Business and Legal Guide 

Kathleen has contributed a chapter in the upcoming 4th Edition of the Musician's Business and Legal Guide (Beverly Hills Bar Association & Jerome Headlands Press 2007). Her chapter is about protecting your copyrights when contracting your services. go to: